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This reader’s e-mail makes sense:

The only current references that would indicate he

survived would be references to events that were

UNFORESEEABLE two weeks ago. An Apache being shot down

does not fit into this category. Tragic as it was, it

was quite foreseeable that an Apache helicopter would

be shot down at some point, since we have huge numbers

of Apaches and they operate on the front lines.

The FOX News military expert has just expressed

skepticism as well. The reporter made some kind of

patronizing “I know more about this than you do,

General” saying that the Apache comment would have had

to have been a “very lucky guess.” But that’s the

point — it would not have been a lucky guess. They

just wait until it happens and then they play the tape.

On the day the US troops first enter Baghdad proper,

the Iraqis could release a tape of Saddam saying “The

invaders have entered our capital today, but we will

defeat them…” …will that [prove] that Saddam is alive on that day?


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