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I Wonder if the Spooks Noticed This One

Yeah, the nuclear issue is important to the mullahs, but not as important as boots. Women’s boots, that is. This is probably too delicate an issue for the male chauvinist fluffmeisters over at the Intelligence Community–the guys who wrote their celebrated Estimate on the Iranian nuclear weapons program (NOT), but it turns out that the mullahs, in their relentless efforts to ban fun from Iranian life, are cracking down on women again. Top to bottom, so to speak. Hats aren’t good enough, and boots that show the shape of the ankles are verboten.

Tehran, 12 Dec. (AKI) – Women have been banned from wearing boots and on the streets of Tehran.

Police chief, General Ahmad Radan, announced the ban on Wednesday saying that boots could only be worn if they were covered by pants.

“If boots are not covered by pants that fall to the ankles, they show the female shape and that is therefore in contradiction with Islamic dress code,” said Radan.

Iranian women can no longer leave home with their pants pushed inside their boots and they can no longer wear hats without a veil.

“A hat is not an adequate substitute for a veil or a hijab,” he said. ” If someone really wants to wear a hat, they can put it on the veil.”

Hey, when the Muslims proclaim their caliphate it’s gonna be hell for the fashion business. Maybe that’s why the French are getting tougher on Iran?

h/t: Weasel Zippers

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