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I Won’t Keep the Mormon-Evangelical Thread Going On for Too Long

But this e-mail reflects a ‘tude I’m increasinly hearing. Now part of it is the absence of too many options. But part of it is –obviously, as this e-mailer can cite examples – being impressed with this candidate in particular:

I am an Evangelical married to a Mormon.  That was without a doubt, the best decision I have ever made in my life.I can tell you (as an Evangelical who will not be converting to LDS) that Romney is without a doubt, the best candidate for President that we have had since Ronald Reagan.  I sincerely believe that.  You need only sit there and listen to Mitt speak for just five minutes and you understand the intelligence and exactness of detail that he applies to everything he has done as Governor of Massachusetts.  The way he handled the Turnpike Incident (and the way he used a whiteboard in his Press Conferences to describe what was to be done to fix the problem) tells me that this man is able to understand a fairly new problem, quickly, and come to a resolution on fixing the problem by using his own understanding.  He doesn’t need to consult his “council” and have another person speak on his behalf.  He is perfectly capable of understanding the problem, and willing to illustrate his understanding to the electorate.That is a President.The “Mormon Thing” hurting him with Evangelicals is not a problem.  This is a very small minority of Evangelicals who actually believe that they are electing a President to be the spiritual leader of the country.  For that small minority of people, their hang-up with Romney is “Joseph Smith.”  They see “Smith” NOT as Mormons see him (a prophet) but instead, as a criminal.  Therefore, this very small minority of Evangelicals will hold Romney accountable in the voting booth during the primaries, for his belief that Smith (a criminal to Evangelicals) was a “Prophet of God” to Romney.  They will then vote for McCain.  But this conflict/turn-off will ONLY be an issue for this small number of Evangelicals during the Primary.

If (as I suspect) Romney gets the nomination, then those Evangelicals who are disgusted by Joseph Smith, will still hold their nose and vote for Romney in the general election, because seeing Hillary Clinton as President is something that they find even more distasteful.