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I Would Like the New York Times a Lot Better If

… its news articles and news “analys[e]s” all read like the ones typically written by foreign correspondent John F. Burns — such as this one, today, about the growing animosity between American authorities and Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki. 

In the sea of spin and partisanship one finds in “the newspaper of record,” Burns is refreshing.  He’s a straight-shooter, and when what he writes makes us angry, it’s because the news he’s delivering should make us angry …  not because he’s delivering it in a way transparently calculated to shape our view. 

The Times is entitled to be as liberal and partisan as it wants to be … on its editorial page.  No one should begrudge them that.  It’s the news pages that make us nuts.  Burns provides a too-infrequent reminder of what a great newspaper — emphasis on news — the Times once was.  I miss it.