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‘I’d Go Insane without NR. Simple as That.’

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

Thus sprake Dean, in a note attending a $100 contribution towards our week-long webathon that hopes to raise, well, a lot. Because National Review’s needs are a lot — times seven. In the relentless fight (James Burnham’s “protracted conflict”) against the relentless and now ascendant Left, the one consequential and reliable voice, the one pugnacious conservative source of above-its-weight counter-punching, is the journal founded by Bill Buckley.

About our fundraising drive: This week some 500 people have put their money where our mouth is – the mouth that stands athwart history yelling Stop — and many have explained their selfless generosity to NR along the lines of Dean, holding (some, revering) NR as a source of sanity in times of madness and mayhem. We share some of these sentiments:

  • Momma mia Cindy is good for 100 bucks, but gosh her note is inspiring: “As a mother of 4, I find myself quoting NR writers to my children to teach them about civics, history, and reasoned thinking in general. I hope you all may continue to bring Buckley’s conservative ideas for many years to come.” That is our intention and with comrades like you that will be a fact. Thanks so much, Cindy.
  • Big Jack is good for 100 smackers. His reasons are plenty: “I have always held to conservative ideals, and that is how my kids have been taught at home. But as they are becoming adults, it’s clear to me that the “Woke World” has had a great impact. Introducing my kids to NR, showing them the articles, referencing the great writers and thinkers at NR (for example, VDH, Kyle Smith, the amazing Armond White, the fantastic Alexandra DeSanctis, and — of course — Conrad Black) helps me to balance the stuff that comes in from Woke World! Thank you, and Keep Up The Great Work!” Keep dropping that Armond hammer on the kiddies, and thanks terribly for the generosity.
  • David too makes with a C-note gift, and gives up some marital info: “Definitely money well spent. My wife, once a pretty committed lefty, has seen the light thanks to NR (and having had two well-behaved bright sons now in college). She used to say Kevin Williamson’s writing is too acerbic and off-putting. Now, she asks me to read his latest article!” Out loud? KDW pillow talk wouldn’t surprise us. Thanks, and best to Mrs. David.
  • Kirby — gosh I love this dude — sends along $100, playing off of an aforementioned donor. Let’s let the Voice of Seattle explain: “I’ll double Ryan, for NR always being in the right side of history ever since I started reading it so long ago. It has been my constant companion, my North Star, on my conservative journey. Long live NR, long live our Republic and never, never give in.” You rock, amigo. Thanks so much, again.
  • Ben Franklin rules the day as another $100 comes our way, this time from Carolee, who has a thing or two to say about a great podcast: “Thank you for bringing me the Victor Davis Hanson podcast each week. It is a life raft in what increasingly seems like a sea of lunacy. I think he is a national treasure. Keep ’em coming, Victor! I am also supportive of ACB. If the Republicans don’t get this done, I will personally go to Washington and give each of them a boot in the keister.” Hope it doesn’t come to that, but a little bit of me would pay to see it. That said, the co-host says many thanks.
  • Matthew’s $20 contribution comes with a head-hit nail: “Objectivity, in short supply everywhere else, is in abundance at National Review. That’s why I read it.” That’s why we write it. Most appreciative, Matthew.
  • Fred finds a Fifty to donate, and speaks truth to this institution’s core strength: “NR remains one of the few media channels providing factual analyses over a broad range of topics. It hasn’t fallen victim to the perils of groupthink and partisan bias; instead it consistently provides reasoned opinions alongside straight reporting, which is increasingly rare these days. With the filtering of information which social media so cavalierly imposes, a solid source becomes even more vital. Thanks to NR for being that source.” We never get tired of saying this, Fred — we can only do this because people like you step up.

We’re happy to keep Dean sane, and figure we’re providing the same service to many more. Do you find NR a vital source of conservative news, commentary, and sanity? Of spot-on confronting of the Leftist baloney that the MSM slices thick every day? Do you believe, as crazed as the current moment is, it would be worse but for NR? Yes, yes, and yes — yes? Yes! So we ask you to keep us fit and fighting with a contribution, none too small, none too large — please help us double our donors and crack six figures this weekend with your selfless contribution, which can be given securely here. Many folks still like to send checks, and we are quite cool with that. If that describes you, then please make your check payable to “National Review” and mail it to: National Review, ATTN: ACB Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. Stay sane and many thanks.


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