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A reader wrote to introduce me to a young woman named Kellie Pickler, who is a star of sorts, through American Idol. Last Christmas, she went to Iraq on a USO tour. And just recently, she said, “It was the most incredible thing I had ever done in my entire life. It was so life-changing, just being able to take a little piece of home to the men and women that are serving our countries.” (She was referring to the coalition.) “I think the most incredible thing that I took from it was the knowledge of all the great things that they are doing, like providing pure drinking water, homes, helping clean up the streets, helping build a civilized government, school supplies — it’s incredible. These are the things that are never capitalized on and they never give credit and talk about.”

She said, “I am very excited and happy to say that I am going back next year.” Good for Kellie Pickler, whom I am indeed glad to know (about).


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