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If He Didn’t Know…

Let’s suspend disbelief for the moment and assume that Barack Obama didn’t actually know of Bill Ayers’s history as an unrepentant domestic terrorist in 1995 when Ayers and Obama joined forces in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge to funnel funds to Ayers’s radical education ideas and when Ayers and his wife (and fellow unrepentant domestic terrorist) Bernardine Dohrn hosted the political coming-out party for Obama.  Well, then:  When did Obama learn the news?  And what steps did he then take to condemn Ayers’s terrorism and to disassociate himself from Ayers? 

If, as appears to be the case, the answer to the latter question is “none”, that would strongly indicate that (at best) it simply didn’t matter to Obama that Ayers was an unrepentant domestic terrorist.  In other words, Obama would have had the same course of dealings with Ayers whether or not he know of Ayers’s history.


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