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If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body . . .

. . . now that’s a stupid headline for just about anything, especially on a serious website. I’m sorry: Please don’t hold it against me (rimshot!). Okay, that said, folks, and I am directing this especially at the million-plus of you that come here over a hundred times every month, who live large ideologically on the fat of the NRO land, how about you get your conscience clear and make a donation to NRO, if only to help bankroll the legal defense of the suit filed against NR, Mark Steyn, and others by Penn State professor Michael Mann? By the way, as the poster below shows, he is still being described as a Nobel Peace Prize honoree. Maybe someone who attends next month’s Valencia College event will ask him publicly why the bogus Nobel claim (our Charlie Cooke deliciously debunked it here) is still being bandied about.

But I digress. You yearn for an explanation as to why you should help NRO, which sorely needs such? Here’s mine. You desire an even better (and much more entertaining) pitch? Try Mark Steyn’s. You just want to make that NRO contribution now? Do so here.

You want to protect and enhance your reputation as a mooch? Don’t give.

To those who have given, to this current campaign, or in response to any pleas made by The Suits and the galley slaves in 2012, many thanks. It is deeply appreciated. May you and all those you hold dear have a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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