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If I’m a Bernie Sanders Supporter, I’m Furious Over Emailgate

Here’s a political question for the day — if Hillary Clinton hadn’t lied her way through the primary, would she be the presumptive Democratic nominee? If Democrats knew late last summer that she had sent and received Top Secret information on her homebrew system, that she’d wrongfully deleted thousands of work emails, and that she’d systematically violated State Department rules and federal law to do so, would she win Iowa? Would Joe Biden stay out of the race? Would Elizabeth Warren? If the truth emerged at any point once the voting started, isn’t Bernie Sanders the presumptive nominee?

Hillary learned her lessons well. If Bill Clinton had told the truth the instant the news broke of his suspected affair with Monica Lewinsky, he would have likely been forced to resign. Instead he fought – transforming a battle over perjury and basic moral decency into just another partisan squabble and ultimately co-opting the Democratic Party into defending unconscionable conduct. 

What’s old is new again. If Hillary had told the truth when news broke of her homebrew server, she would have been shoved aside by other Democrats. Instead she fought – transforming a battle over the most obvious mishandling of classified information into just another partisan squabble and once again co-opting the Democratic Party into defending unconscionable conduct.

Honest liberals weep and Sanders supporters should justifiably rage. But with Obama campaigning with Clinton, there’s no prospect for a Dump Hillary movement. The party establishment is just too far gone to care. 


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