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As If Miers and Immigration Never Happened

An e-mail:

I believe that you yourself suffer from a variant of BDS; to wit:  nothing Bush says or does seems to dent your belief that he is a good, or even great, President and man.  I have been reading your postings in The Corner now for a couple of years, and I truly believe that, were Bush to have his motorcade pull over, knock over a bank on the way to the airport (accidentally killing some innocent bystanders), hop back in, and take the money with him on Air Force One, you would find a way to rationalize it.  (“Bush was clearly making a statement about the lack of security at our national banking institutions.  It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the people who were ‘killed’ were actually actors, and that they were not in fact harmed in any way.  I doubt sincerely that Bush would risk his life in this stunt if it wasn’t staged in advance in a safe way . . .”)  Or if he were to change parties and declare himself a Democrat, I believe that you would have an explanation for why that was a good thing.  (“It is obvious that in order to enact the immigration reforms and the other “compassionate Conservatism” items on his agenda that are so clearly important to him with regards to leaving a legacy behind, he needed to do something dramatic in order to gain the necessary support of Congressional Democrats, since his usual allies on the right have abandoned him on these issues.  I believe that this is a masterstroke in getting Democrats to provide their support for those portions of his agenda with which they agree, and provide coverage for them with their constituents for voting with Bush, even those constituents who despise the President for other reasons (such as Iraq).”)  And from my perspective, that is just as much a variant of BDS as anyone who hates Bush irrationally.

I tell you seriously:  this is not a flame-letter.  I just honestly think you have BDS as bad as anyone I’ve ever seen.  You just have it in a pro-Bush way.  So when you talk about people “finding a cure for BDS,” I have to take it with a heapin’ helpin’ of salt.

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