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If Mike Pence Is Your Guy

for president, you might be about to get back to looking for a candidate. The latest buzz is he will announce his plans before day’s end, to the Indianapolis Star. The venue suggests he’s running for governor. 

As discussed earlier, his path to governor is as sure a bet as any political race ever is. The politico I was chatting with earlier thinks we probably won’t be talking about him in a presidential context again, even though he’ll have more executive experience after a term as governor. “If he’s running for Governor, it’s the end of time on the national stage, sorry to say.” He’s following a very successful reform conservative governor. If he swooping in to save a state victimized by liberalism, it might be a different story … 

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin tweets: “Whatever MPence decides 2 do he’ll do mvmt conservs proud. He’s far more than a ‘rock star.’ He’s a ROCK.”

UPDATE: Word is all we’ll definitively hear today is that he’s not running for president. Gubernatorial run in exploratory phase. 


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