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If Only 1619 More Donate, We Will Hit Our Webathon Goal

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

First: Do read Jim Geraghty’s as-ever terrific appeal. It makes a sterling case for why NR, more than ever, is vital.

Now to the matter at hand: On Day Six of NR’s Summer 2020 Webathon, we find 720 kindly friends have contributed $59,927 to keep NR in the fight to cancel the cancelers. Yes, it’s a mouthful, but that’s what we were built for. And that’s what we intend to do — and indeed are doing — with you ever at our side in what is rightly described, sans hyperbole, as a fight for Western civilization.

Soon after Bill Buckley launched NR, determined to stand athwart history — yelling Stop at the denigrating and rewriting of what had come before, and at the progressives’ plan to dictate history’s without-question-predestined leftist future (you know, the thing Barack and the Gang always claim to be “on the right side of”) — he realized that this fight meant National Review, as an institution, would need to wage battle in cooperation with its readers. It was our fight — our a quite-inclusive cabal.

It seeks your company. For decades, many have embraced a role in this fellowship on behalf of conservative principles, on behalf of America’s liberties, on behalf of e pluribus unum and the blessings of liberty and our Judeo-Christian heritage. Would that you would join this brotherhood today.

As to the math of this webathon: Our goal is $250,000, and if an additional 1,619 people donated $100, well, we’d be mission accomplished. Almost. If we can reach our goal, and surpass it (yep: Our financial needs require much more than a quarter mil), then all the more material will be at the ready so that NR can fight, fight, and fight — without flagging, without exhaustion — this leftist madness.

Speaking of 1,619: Remove the comma and you know where we’re going. NR has published a lode of smart and withering criticism on the infamous 1619 Project’s lies, its misrepresentations, its true purpose — which of course is to put a deadly stink on 1776.

Hmmm . . .  More inspired webathon math: If we had 1,776 additional donors contributing $100 or more, we would smash our goal!

That contemplated, let us look at the 720 who over these past few days have contributed, and in particular those who have shared thoughts — explanations, reminiscences, attaboys, marching orders — along with their selfless contributions. Some examples:

  • Big Jim tenders $50 and affirms our objective: “Fighting cancel culture is maybe the most important thing we can all do.” True that amigo — this is about all the marbles. Many thanks.
  • Jacob matches Jim and adds encouraging words: “I am a proud subscriber and supporter of National Review, which I now consider one of few mainstream news sources. Thank you for your great work and resistance to woke cancel culture.” Thanks accepted, and returned for your camaraderie.
  • Another Fifty comes our way, this time from Richard, who explains his motivation: “I’m 71 years old. A retired lawyer and former high school history/government teacher. What worries me most is not the lockstep op-ed pages which I can disregard but bias in the ‘news’ stories and headlines. I simply can no longer believe what I read to be factual, much less true.” Thanks so much Richard and yes, that old Times-mocking line — All the News That Fits the Tint — was never more true.
  • Steve sends $100, and an echo: “I couldn’t agree more that we are in the midst of a historic moment of anti-journalism. The level of crowd bullying and silencing is staggering and, for some reason, acceptable now.” It was always there Steve, just underneath the surface. The pretense of objectively has been obliterated. Thanks to friends like you we work relentlessly on behalf of the truth.
  • Another C Note arrives from Wayne, stapled to an explanation of a big difference between NR and the left-genuflecting journals: “A constant and reliable source for diversity in conservative opinion that helps shape how I think instead of telling me what to think. Thank you!” You nailed it. Thanks ever so much.
  • We conclude by noting Joanna’s kindly $50 gift and her short-but-powerful instruction: “Don’t let us down.”

We won’t. And as long as we have a goodly amount of readers who appreciate these facts — that the world is a better place because of NR, and that it will be a far worse place sans NR — and then who go above and beyond to lend financial support so we can withstand the onslaught, so we counterattack, so we can embarrass the bejeepers out of the Fifth-Estate ideologues who masquerade as objective journalists, well, there will be no letdown. We ask, knowing we hold not a jot or tittle or iota of moral claim on your fortune, if you might now consider a gift to NR. If that $100 is a bridge too far, maybe $20 or $25 or $50? (How about $17.76?). Can you consider $250, or $500, or even a thousand or more (a handful have)? It would mean so much to us. Donate here. To show your support by check, that thrills us too: Make it payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: Summer 2020 Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. In advance of your generosity, thanks very much, and we are thrilled by your fellowship.


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