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If PC Racial Preferences Return to California, Everyone Loses

The Center for Equal Opportunity, on whose board I serve, released a report today by Dr. Althea Nagai titled, “If California Restores Race Discrimination: Implications for Higher Education.” California voters will determine this November whether to end the state’s constitutional ban on racial, ethnic, and sex discrimination in public contracting, employment, and education — including university admissions. The report concludes that, if California voters decide to bring back allowing racial and ethnic preferences in university admissions, the following will happen:

  • Race will again become a major factor, discriminating against candidates of better qualifications to achieve the desired racial numbers.
  • Race will likely carry more weight than preferences granted to in-state applicants.
  • Schools somewhat less competitive than Berkeley, San Diego, and Irvine would place even greater weight on race to achieve their desired campus diversity, much like Wisconsin was doing in 2011.
  • White and Asian applicants will be most likely to bear the admissions cost of diversity; and blacks and Hispanics will bear the costs of mismatch.

The accompanying press release, which includes a link to the report itself, can be read here.


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