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If You Air-Strike Against the King . . .

John Hannah writes below:

Assuming that Qaddafi could comply with Obama’s ceasefire demands and survive, then what?

Then Qaddafi will be in the position Saddam was after 1991: He’ll be the guy who’s taken a pounding from the Great Satan plus Britain, France, the EU, half the Arab League et al., and is still standing. And he’ll have imposed on the U.N. an expensive and ineffectual dictatorial-management regime which, as Saddam did with Oil-for-Food, he’ll no doubt game effortlessly. He will be the new snook-cocker on the block.

And presumably, just to add to the gaiety of the scene, the Colonel will also release some of the embarrassing backroom stuff between Tripoli, London, and Washington re the Lockerbie bomber, etc.

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