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IG Report on DOJ’s Voting Section

The Justice Department’s inspector general released yesterday a 258-page report on the Civil Rights Division’s voting section, finding a dysfunctional work environment and “a disappointing lack of professionalism by some department employees over an extended period of time, across two administrations, and across various facets of the Voting Section’s operations.” 

The timing is inauspicious for the Obama administration in two respects. First, the official in charge of the Civil Rights Division is Thomas Perez, who, up to now, has been rumored as the nominee for secretary of labor. Second, this is the same voting section that is in charge of administering Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, the constitutionality of which is being challenged before the Supreme Court. It cannot be helpful to the administration’s position defending Section 5 that the employees in charge of applying it to the states are so unprofessional and that the section itself suffers “deep ideological polarization.” 


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