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Ill. Pharmicists Can Refuse Contraception

The Illinois Court of Appeals has upheld the conscience rights of pharmacists under state law. From the Courthouse News Service story:

Pharmacies do not have to distribute emergency contraception due to Illinois’ Conscience Act, a state appeals court ruled. Luke Vander Bleek and Glenn Kosirog filed for relief from an administrative rule that requires pharmacists like them to dispense the morning-after pill. The pharmacists were joined by Fitzgerald Pharmacy, Eggelston Pharmacy and Kosirog Rexall Pharmacy. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn was a defendant in the lawsuit, along with Secretary of Financial and Professional Regulation Fernando Grillo, the state pharmacy board and Daniel Bluthardt, the acting director of the Division of Professional Regulation. The plaintiffs believe that life begins at conception, the morning-after pill causes abortions and that dispensing the pill is against their religious beliefs.

The struggle over medical conscience is going to be a major flash point in coming years. I’m on the road, but when I get a chance to read the case, I will provide more details over at the Human Exceptionalism blog.


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