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Sanctuary Creep

The Left is determined to make the whole of the United States into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights issued a statement (Gail Heriot and Kirsanow dissenting) remonstrating ICE for arresting illegal immigrants at courthouses. The Commission’s ostensible rationale is that “[c]ourthouses are often the first place individuals interact with local governments . . . for resolution of civil matters, including family custody issues, housing, public benefits, and numerous other aspects integral to an individual’s life.” By that standard no illegal immigrant should be arrested at the DMV, health clinic, local housing authority, or police station either.

The Commission’s approach would convert illegal immigrants into a protected class treated more favorably than others who are in violation of the law. Police often arrest U.S. citizens at courthouses for violations of laws other than those related to immigration. Mere presence in a courthouse does not confer immunity from arrest to anyone in violation of the law.

The Commission also argues that courthouse arrests of illegal immigrants will cause illegal immigrants to be more reluctant to be witnesses or report crimes. Once again, the same calculus pertains to U.S. citizens who may be in current violation of the law, yet no exemption is available to them.

The law is the law is the law. Except for the Left and their favored groups.


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