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Illegal Immigrants Using Taxis for Every Journey (Except One)

The BBC reports that, in Georgia, “illegal immigrants are so fearful of deportation that they use taxis for everything from commuting to grocery shopping”:

The thriving taxi businesses are an unexpected consequence of a tough immigration law which has been in effect in Gainsville for several years and is similar to controversial legislation passed in other southern US states.

Police have the power to ask a driver about their immigration status even if they are stopped for a minor traffic violation. Many undocumented workers, fearful that a speeding ticket could turn into deportation, now use taxis for everything from commuting, to work, to grocery shopping.

Well, they use taxis for everything except leaving the country.

…critics call it a civil rights issue and warn it stokes a climate of fear and division. Ironically, all eight of the cab companies in Gainsville are operated by Hispanics.

Actually, the fact that the people who run the taxi companies are Hispanic is not ironic at all. Many Americans are Hispanic. This country is a melting pot, and for all I know these Hispanics could have been born here. It would only actually be ironic if the taxi companies were run by illegal immigrants. Still, it’s interesting to see how easily “person who is not white,” “immigrant,” “illegal immigrant,” and “undocumented worker” run together in the minds of the Left.

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