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Is Illegal Immigration a “Victimless” Crime?

Denver’s “sanctuary” policy, which prohibits cops from using immigration law to fight crime, has claimed the life of a Denver cop. Detective Donnie Williams was murdered early Sunday morning by an illegal alien whom the police had encountered at least three times before. The city government is furiously spinning, but the facts speak for themselves — the (alleged) murderer presented a Mexican driver’s license three times as the result of traffic stops, but was never asked for an immigration document. Any legal Mexican driver in the U.S. has to carry with him at all times either a Border Crossing Card, a U.S. visa attached to the inside of his Mexican passport, or a green card. And it gets worse: the (alleged) murderer worked illegally in a restaurant owned by — wait for it – the mayor. And the restaurant had been notified by the government that the employee’s Social Security number was invalid. Even if the various levels of government were to enforce the immigration law and protect the citizenry, some illegal immigrants are going to get through and some of them will commit crimes –but responsibility for this murder is clearly shared by federal and local officials.


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