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Illegal Voting

Today’s NRO column by Hans Von Spakovsky on voting by non-citizens is an important piece. Voting by illegal immigrants and non-citizens is an issue that doesn’t get as much attention as allegations of voter suppression and intimidation. Even  many Republican  elected officials avoid the issue, yet its dimensions may be sufficient to cause concern for this fall’s elections.


Hans was among several witnesses  who testified last month before the U.S.Commission on Civil Rights regarding voting rights enforcement. As he noted, much of the problem could be remedied by requiring proof of citizenship and voter ID — requirements that are vigorously opposed by most Democrats.


In my testimony last year before  Senate Judiciary on S.453 (Barack Obama’s “Prevention of Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation” bill), I noted the astonishing ease with which those not eligible to vote  could tip the outcome of an election: in Florida in the 2000 presidential election at least 2000 votes were cast illegally; George Bush won the state by 537 votes. In fact, the  result of the 1998 Miami mayoral election was overturned because of fraudulent (not necessarily just non-citizen) votes. John Sample has testified that recently even Alaska (not normally considered among the hotbeds of voter fraud noted in Hans’ column) had 503,000 people on its voter rolls but only 437,000 citizens of legal voting age in the state.


Anyone who still has the quaint idea that America’s next president should be chosen by Americans might want to forward Hans’s column to their friendly neighborhood congressman.


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