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Illegals at State U.

Indiana lawmakers this week scuttled an effort to award in-state tuition subsidies to illegal aliens, but that begs the question — why should illegal aliens be admitted to state colleges at all? My friend D.A. King, a tireless champion of immigration control in Georgia, reports that the legislature in Atlanta is considering bills that, among other things, would clarify that post-secondary education is a public benefit for which illegal immigrants are not eligible. And Gov. Nathan Deal — who campaigned as an immigration hawk — in sitting on his hands, just as he did last year when the legislature was fighting over a larger immigration measure. If the current bill passes, he may well end up signing it as he did last year, but that’s not what he promised when he was running in 2010. Here’s the relevant question on a candidate survey:

If elected, will you do whatever necessary to prohibit illegal aliens from attending any school in Georgia’s university system and our technical college system? This is a YES or NO question.

Deal’s answer?


You might think “whatever necessary” might include a statement like “I support this bill.” Instead, his office is wimping out in the face of opposition from the ACLU and Amnesty International (!), saying “the governor does not comment on the legislative process”.

Pols will always sell you out if you let them.


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