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An Illustration in Two Parts

I would like to note two stories concerning Israel, in the news these past few days. The first:

Six rabbis from West Bank settlements took a step Tuesday to defuse tension over an arson attack at a West Bank mosque, apparently by extremist settlers — they presented 20 new Quran books to replace those damaged in the blaze.

During the rabbis’ visit to the mosque in the village of Beit Fajjar, Palestinian residents held charred pages of the burned Quran books. The mosque was not seriously damaged. . . .

Israeli politicians rushed to condemn Monday’s attack. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his security forces “to act with determination” to bring the arsonists to justice. Defense Minister Ehud Barak described it as a “shameful act.”

And the second article:

Israel’s prime minister has condemned videos filmed by Israeli soldiers that humiliate Palestinians. . . .

Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement Wednesday that the videos cause “unacceptable harm to human dignity” of the Palestinians, embarrass the Israeli military and “cause serious international damage.”

Well, this is no big deal — mere reciprocity, right? Because, whenever Jews are attacked, humiliated, or defamed in Arab or other Muslim countries, Arab and Muslim leaders rush to denounce the attack, humiliation, or defamation, and comfort the victims. Right? And Jewish legislators in Arab or other Muslim legislatures stick up for the Jews, just as Arab legislators in the Knesset stick up for the Arabs. Right?

I know that sarcasm is unbecoming. I’ll refrain from it for at least an hour.

P.S. Unfortunately, it’s the official organs of Arab and other Muslim countries that defame the Jews. Think of Egypt: whose state television ran a series — 41 parts! — based on the infamous and incendiary hoax The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And Egypt is one of the Arab countries — there are only two — with a peace treaty with Israel. Swell.


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