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I’m Not Asking for a Media Apology

Let’s face it, sometimes the mainstream media is biased in favor of President Obama. That doesn’t include its response to last night’s debate flap over Obama’s alleged apologies for America, however. According to Brent Baker at Newsbusters, last night ABC and CNN flatly declared Romney’s apology charge to be false. They must be right, since a raft of other media fact-checkers confirm that Obama never actually used the word “apologize” during the speeches in question.

Even so, since the press has occasionally shown bias against Romney and other Republicans, I would like them to acknowledge that fact. I’m not asking for an outright apology, of course. The word “apologize” never has to come up. All I want is for the press to admit to a few mistakes. Using this handy list of President Obama’s foreign remarks as a guide, here is what I would like to hear the mainstream media say about its bias against Republicans and conservatives:

1) In displaying such blatant political bias, we the mainstream media have shown arrogance.

2) We have not been perfect.

3) At times we sought to dictate our ideological terms.

4) We yearn for some restoration of the media’s standing in the eyes of the American public.

5) Because of our bias, we went off course.

6) In displaying such bias, we sacrificed our most fundamental journalistic values.

7) The journalistic bias on display during these past few decades has been one of the darkest periods in our history.

8) We have not pursued sustained engagement with conservative points of view.

9) Potentially we made some mistakes.

10) Our leftist bias has only created a rallying cry for our enemies.

That’s all I’m asking. No apologies needed.


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