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I’m Only Human

At NR World Headquarters, we are buried in review copies–books and occassionally CDs (usually not the books we want to review). These wind up in a corner bookshelf and a CD box, for the taking. I never look at any of these communal-area locations, because there is too much in my spacious oak-paneled office (you’re laughing if you’ve been here) as is. Well, as I was walking past the CD box this afternoon, what jumped out at me but “The Very Best of the Human League.” Now, Carnegie Hall regular Jay Nordlinger gets most of the CD review copies. Why he did not want to keep this particular one to fill out his library (or review for NRODT–it’s a 2003 release, or I know he would) is a mystery to me. I naturally have picked it up and plan to give it to Rick B. next time I see him.

And, yes, “The Very Best of Human League” actually has more than two songs.


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