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I’m Sure Halliburton’s Behind It Somehow

HuffPo posted a piece yesterday that’s even sillier than usual:

Georgia is the latest state to pass an anti-immigrant bill like SB1070, with Governor Nathan Deal expected to sign it tomorrow. Georgia is also home to the largest private prison in the country. Coincidence? Not even close.

It’s hardly a secret that private prison corporations like Corrections Corporation of America and The GEO group, along with right-wing lobbying group ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and a few pocketed state legislators like Russell Pearce in Arizona, have been at it — deliberately promoting and designing laws aimed at incarcerating immigrants and turning the prison system into an incredibly lucrative business.

So, Nathan “The Weasel” Deal, who was cowed (quite publicly) by Big Ag into almost welshing on his promise to pass tough immigration measures, was all along part of a conspiracy to line the pockets of Big Prison?

You can’t make this kind of stuff up:

They are using us as scapegoats to fill the coffers — as pawns in the next Ponzi scheme. CCA, ALEC and their cronies are not in it to “fix” the immigration issue. Who are we kidding? They love it — the less immigrants to put behind bars, the less Latinos to incarcerate while waiting for proof of papers, the less individuals to get lost in the system–the less dollars deposited into their bank accounts. They don’t care about who is affected, who dies in their care, who faces persecution by the hateful laws they are peddling.

It’s all about the profit.

They are making a killing, and you are paying for it.

All I want to know is, where can I go to get some of this profit? I didn’t get the memo about the conspiracy so, hey, CCA, I’m in the book — call me! I need some of those dollars deposited into my bank account!


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