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Immigrant Family Values

I only now got to this Washington Post tribute– to A D.C.-area father and son, former Salvadoran illegal-alien musicians. The lead paragraph:

“They’re sitting at a table in the Marx Cafe — near the posters of Karl Marx and Che Guevara — father and son, son and father, Lilo Sr. and Lilo Jr., Lilo y Lilito, regular folks, folks who can be found tooling around the neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, guitar case in hand. Perhaps you’ve seen them.”

The father sings “songs of social protest,” the son “ska and punk-flavored songs of social outrage,” all of it “Music as a movement,” as the writer says, including gems like “No Human Being Is Illegal” and “The Border Crossed My Land.” These guys will not be voting Republican in November.

Now, you obviously can’t judge all immigrants by a pair of Salvadoran leftists, but you also can’t judge all immigrants by the Vietnamese valedictorian or the president’s Mexican gardener. That’s why certain think tanks do research.


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