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The Immigration Debate On the Right

I have a piece on it in USA Today, er, today. The kicker:

Besides, are the merits of the immigration debate really so boring and trivial that we need to invent dramatically malevolent motives for each other? Must the editors of the Journal be market idolaters seeking to erase the very concept of America in order to dispense with their arguments? And do my colleagues at National Review have to be cast as secretly rabid xenophobes and racists in order to make the conversation interesting? Does every person worried about the influx of millions of poor immigrants — here illegally, by the way — really have to be a eugenicist hiding his phrenologist’s calipers behind his back?

Not every businessman is a mustache-twirling robber baron, and not every advocate of enforcing the law is a bigot.

And even if they were, saying so wouldn’t disprove their math, refute their examples or invalidate their arguments.