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Immigration & Inequality

I was struck by this passage from the WSJ piece on Marco Rubio and immigration:

At the other end of the skill and wage scale, most of the 1.6 million agricultural laborers in America are Hispanics, the bulk of them illegal immigrants. American produce couldn’t be picked without them. The number and type of visas provided through a guest-worker program would have to be sufficient to address this pressing need. From Georgia to Washington state in recent seasons, unpicked fruits and vegetables have rotted in the fields. [Rubio would] look to increase the number of visas for permanent or seasonal farm workers.

In other words this is just another (rather stale) example of “work that Americans won’t do.”

But they might if it paid a bit more.

If you want to understand why mass immigration is such a powerful agent of inequality, this sort of thinking is why.  


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