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Immigration News Roundup

  • Utah is expected to pass a tough new immigration law, and New Jersey may be next. Republicans in Indiana’s legislature accuse Democrats of trying to kill an immigration-enforcement bill; the House Speaker replies that “We don’t need a hate debate on this floor.” And pro-amnesty state legislators in Arizona are asking permission to have their own state-run “Arizona Temporary Worker Program.”
  • Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT) doesn’t want to know who the illegal workers are — “Do we want to identify them? Then we would paralyze business.”
  • Former INS chielf Doris Meissner says amnesty is unlikely any time soon.
  • Two news ads feature former Black Caucus Foundation Executive Director Frank Morris criticizing the impact of immigration on the wages and job prospects of black men.
  • The fines for hiring illegals are to be increased — which is great, so long as someone actually gets fined.
  • More Iraqis nabbed in Mexico with fake passports trying to sneak into the U.S.
  • U.N. panel scolds American officials about the treatment of illegal aliens. One panel member told the U.S. delegation that “Especially since 9/11, immigrants and refugee communities in the United States have been subjected … to a range of systematic human rights violations directed by the federal government, local county and state governments, law enforcement agents, employers and private actors.”


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