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Immigration Policy, Ensuring the Worst of Both Worlds

Central American children walk in line with their parents after being dropped off by the Border Patrol at the bus station in Brownsville, Texas, March 15, 2021. (Veronica G. Cardenas/Reuters)

Why is the U.S. government spending considerable and not-yet-publicly-released sums to ship migrants, whose vaccination status cannot be verified, to various corners of the U.S., while at the same time, not allowing vaccinated foreign citizens to enter the U.S.?

If you’re worried about COVID-19 and the Delta variant, the reverse policy would make the most sense — allow people in who are verifiably vaccinated by a country whose government we trust, while barring those who are unvaccinated or who cannot prove their vaccination status.

Right now, European tourists who want to visit the U.S. would have better luck flying to northern Mexico and attempting to sneak in.


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