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Immigration Politics

One of my correspondents made a great observation: Tamar Jacoby is to open borders what Andrew Sullivan is to homosexual rights — the faux conservative working to dupe the Right into embracing something they would otherwise naturally — and rightly — reject. Tamar continued her work yesterday with a briefing for Capitol Hill staffers on her hilariously skewed poll supposedly showing that Republican voters back Ted Kennedy’s illegal-alien amnesty.

Here on planet Earth, meanwhile, Virginia Republicans have unveiled an immigration-control agenda (see here and here) for the upcoming session of the legislature, partly with an eye toward helping gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore, who’s neck-and-neck with Democrat Tim Kaine for next Tuesday’s vote. Most notable among the proposed measures would be a state version of the federal ban on knowingly hiring illegals, which would allow Virginia to go after the employers of illegals on its own.


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