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Immigration Tidbits

  • You Don’t Say? “Graft Mars the Recruitment of Mexican Guest Workers”
  • Escape Hatch. Sen. Kyl seems to be leaving himself a way out of this fiasco. Regarding the escalator clause that was in the original version of the guestworker program but which was stripped out by an amendment: “Still, he [Kyl] said he intends to offer an amendment to return the upward-adjustment provision and said for him, the grand bargain will collapse ‘if we’re not able to get an adjuster back in.’”

  • Amnesty Mel. From the anti-amensty head of the Arizona Republican Party, on Sen. Mel Martinez, general chairman of the Republican National Committee: “I like Mel, he is a great guy, but his political instincts aren’t real good — my Florida friends tell me they’re calling him ’Amnesty Mel’ down there.”
  • Call It a Banana. Richardson on the word of the hour: “I don’t use that word — no, no, no. I want a legalization program that does not provide amnesty.”
  • Social Engineering. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez expressing his dissatisfaction with Americans’ inadequate breeding efforts: “The reality is, we don’t have enough people.”

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