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Starting at the Top

Time was, I was accused of relating everything to golf. And it was sort of true. Anyway, bear with me, please.

Today, we publish Part III of my series “Freedom U,” about the classical-liberal university in Guatemala. The university has had an impact on its country. Here is an excerpt from today’s installment:

The president of the university’s board of trustees, Guy Wyld, tells me something that I find touching. Last year, he got a hold of an index of economic freedom worldwide. Being a Guatemalan, he is accustomed to looking at the middle of such lists and running his finger down, in order to find his country.

He couldn’t find it.

And the reason he couldn’t find it was that Guatemala was in the top-most quartile — No. 33, in the world.

Like everyone else, I admired Jack Nicklaus, a lot. And when I checked the leaderboard in the newspaper, I always wanted to see, first and foremost, where Jack was. I started at the top of the list — and you usually didn’t have to look very far before you saw Jack’s name.

But then, a decline set in. And I started looking from the bottom. And the more I didn’t see his name, the more my heart would race — because he was doing all right.

Okay, back to the issue at hand: Today’s installment of “Freedom U,” once more, is here. At Francisco Marroquín University, they teach you not to be a victim: a priceless lesson, really.


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