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The Impeachment War

As Byron York noted the other day, the stakes in the “Russia” controversy and the mid-term elections now are whether or not Trump gets impeached. Every point the Democrats score against Trump in the scandal is another step toward impeachment. Every Democratic gain in the mid-terms — if Ossoff wins the Georgia special, if the generic ballot swings more heavily their way — is another step toward impeachment. The White House needs to realize the gravity of the situation, which would mainly involve bringing the president himself under control, which obviously appears to be completely impossible. Trump’s boast that he would be willing to contradict Comey under oath is one thing if it’s just blustery PR; if he’s serious, it’s incredibly reckless, since any even remotely contestable claim he made under oath would be more fodder for impeachment. This isn’t like playing cat-and-mouse with tabloid reporters in New York City. Maybe Democrats don’t take the House or even if they do, they pull up short. They talked about impeaching George W. Bush, too. But the level of their loathing for Trump is off the charts, like nothing we’ve seen since Nixon. The White House had best take them, and this threat, very seriously.