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The Importance of Eckstein

A St. Louis Guy e-mails:

In case no one else from St. Louis has pointed this out…David Eckstein will be a powerful messenger for the anti Amendment 2 ad for more reasons than being the World Series MVP. He is wildly popular here because he’s a little guy who plays hard, does everything right and is tough as nails. But he’s also a very humble and soft-spoken young man. And he’s very unpretentious. The Corvette he won for being MVP is the first new car he’s ever owned! In the past when asked about the old clunkers he drives he has always said that he just doesn’t care about such things.  The biggest reason, however, is that his entire family except for himself and another sibling have a rare kidney disease and have had or soon will need transplants. If I’m not mistaken his father had one last year that saved his life. This is very well known in the city as he does numerous charity events and a PSA spots for organ transplants. It will be hard for anyone to call him a liar and still be respected.

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