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An Increasingly Multiracial, Multiethnic America

Lots of articles this morning about the latest Census Bureau projections, along the lines of this one in The New York Times, headlined “In a Generation, Minorities May Be the U.S. Majority.” The usual caveats apply, of course, with extrapolations of this sort.  And, even using the reported figures, non-Hispanic whites will still remain a large plurality.  Still, one conclusion ought to be this:  In an America that is increasingly multiracial and multiethnic — and where, moreover, individual Americans are increasingly multiracial and multiethnic — it is simply untenable to have a legal regime that sorts and classifies U.S. citizens according to skin color and national origin and then treats some of us better and others of us worse on that basis.  Now, more than ever, the national motto must be e pluribus unum.  John McCain agrees with this.  And Senator Obama?


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