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Incredible “Incredibles”

Megadittoes to Frederica

Mathewes-Green’s review of “The Incredibles” on NRO today. I took Matthew to

see it on Saturday afternoon, and we both thought it was fantastic (though I

would say the plot is too complicated and maybe even intense in parts for

little bitties). Matthew’s mother and I are very strict about the movies we

let him see, and almost all kids’ movies come and go without us even

considering taking our son to the theater. At the risk of repeating some of

Frederica’s points, let me say that “The Incredibles,” typical of Pixar’s

work, gives us a terrific story absent the standard elements you see in

kids’ movies these days: 1) smart-mouthed kids, 2) parents set up to look

like boobs, 3) too-clever-by-half pop culture references, 4) sexual double

entendres, and 5) politically correct messages. You get none of that in “The


In fact, one particularly surprising and wonderful aspect about the film is

how conservative it is in one particular respect. You know how the Disney

films are always, always about building self-esteem, e.g., the need to

“believe in yourself” and all that? Well, “The Incredibles” is about a world

in which superheroes are not allowed to use their gifts because society has

decided, in various ways, that mediocrity and avoiding risk-taking are the

qualities it wishes to honor. In fact, the villain in the film is an

untalented twerp who uses his grievous sense of envy to destroy the talented

elites. “The Incredibles” shows that a unified traditional family in which

everyone is prepared to sacrifice for the greater good of the family is a

source of strength, and that an aristocracy of merit is good for society

overall. I’m sure the Left would hate this movie if they stopped to think

about it, but their kids will be having too much fun to be denied.


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