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‘Indefinitely. On, and On, and On!’

I just ran across this post by Roger Clegg from last week in Phi Beta Cons, where Eric Holder tells an interviewer that racial preferences should be a permanent feature of higher education:

Holder expressed support in the interview for affirmative action, saying that he “can’t actually imagine a time in which the need for more diversity would ever cease.”

I hope it’s not an instance of Godwin’s Law to say that Holder’s answer reminded me of the scene in Battle of the Bulge where Robert Shaw’s German Panzer commander character, Colonel Martin Hessler, has this exchange with his aide:

Cpl. Conrad: Then I was wrong. We have won the war.

Col. Martin Hessler: No.

Cpl. Conrad: You mean we have lost?

Col. Martin Hessler: No.

Cpl. Conrad: I don’t understand. If we have not won, and we have not lost, then what is happening?

Col. Martin Hessler: The best thing possible is happening – the war will go on.

Cpl. Conrad: For how long?

Col. Martin Hessler: Indefinitely. On, and on, and on!


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