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Independence Day Links

Want some inspiration? Read Lincoln’s 1858 speech on the meaning of Independence Day: Let us stick to it then. Let us stand firmly by it then.

The seven most badass Founding Fathers.

The Journal of the American Revolution’s ten myths for the Fourth of July, and breaking news from 1776: the first news reports of independence.

Top ten movies for the Fourth Of July, and trivia and facts from Independence Day (the movie).

When in the course of human events . . . here’s the full text of the Declaration of Independence.

Independence Days from science fiction.

Five forgotten Founding Fathers, and four more.

Excellent speeches from Coolidge (1926) and Reagan (1986). Video of the Reagan speech is here.

Video: The science of fireworks, and how to take pictures of fireworks

Have a Happy Fourth of July!


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Why Obama Failed

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