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Indiana’s Tempest in a Teapot

The Indiana Republican party won’t levy sanctions against state treasurer Richard Mourdock’s Senate campaign before the primary on May 8, the Courier-Journal reports. Senator Dick Lugar’s team has been making a fuss over news that Mourdock’s campaign manager, Jim Holden, gave log-in information for the state party’s voter database, Salesforce, to a vendor consulting the campaign. The state party restricts who can access such information. In addition, Holden’s email was less than diplomatic:

Mourdock was shut out of the database after Holden wrote in a March 14 email that staffers should “start pillaging email addresses” from the voter database, known as Salesforce.

“We have a Salesforce login again. Can one of you guys login immediately and start pillaging email addresses like a Viking raider attacking a [monastery] full of unarmed monks?” Holden wrote. In the email, he also instructed them to take the information, “download into our house file” and remove duplicate entries.

The state party got word of Holden’s joke when he copied several of its staffers on the email:

The state party easily caught Holden’s attempt to share access to the database with outside vendors when he accidentally included the party’s technology director on the “pillage” email, [state-party technology-and-communications committee chair Jennifer] Ping said.

“Interestingly, the other thing he did, he also copied the e-director (Jeff Coats) on that email,” Ping said with a laugh. “It’s completely crazy.”

“This seems like a tempest in a teapot,” Jim Bopp, Republican national committee for Indiana and a Mourdock supporter, tells NRO. “It was really a joke by the campaign manager, and it went awry. . . . And there was no wrongdoing that anybody knows of.”

The Lugar campaign is pushing the issue hard, sending out this morning ten “key unanswered questions for Richard Mourdock,” including “Will you voluntarily release all emails, text messages and correspondence related to the electronic break-in of state party headquarters?” and “Do you think you owe an apology to Indiana Republican voters?”

Bopp says Lugar’s attacks are desperate: “He wants to invent trivial issues because that’s apparently all they have.”


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