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On Indians

Okay I lied. I like this email:

Ok, now I am mad. Jonah, being from Oklahoma I am not unique in being part American Indian (not native American mind you) and I am very tired of the worn out pathos such as found in the statement “…Americans bent on taking their territory from them and in the process committed genocide-…”. American Indians did not understand the concept of owning land. They took what they wanted when they were able, knowing that it could be taken from them the same way. While there were abuses in both directions, our ancestors conquered this land and subjugated the indigenous people. To quote Spike, “that’s what conquering nations do”. Tell your e-mailer to get over their 21st century feelings of guilt and make this life we have paradise on earth if that is what they long to do and to quit handing out moral “holier-than-thou claptrap.


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