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Ingraham: Government Can Follow Our Every Keystroke, of Course They Know Enrollment Numbers

The latest numbers released by the Obama administration indicate that 5 million people have signed up for insurance under Obamacare, but the administration won’t say how many enrollees are young, how many were previously uninsured, or how many have paid for their insurance.

“They can follow every keystroke on our computers. We don’t think they know the facts on this?” Laura Ingraham said on Fox News Sunday. “Of course they do.”

Ingraham argued that if the facts were good — if youth enrollment was up and people were paying their premiums — then “Jay Carney would be crowing.”

Instead, enrollment is “lagging way behind what they want,” Ingraham said, which is why even in the midst of an international crisis with Russia and Ukraine, President Obama is making appearances with Ellen DeGeneres and on Between Two Ferns.

“The fact that you can throw in some pop-culture references and go on these cool comedy shows isn’t going to change the fact that most young people want choice, they want freedom, and they don’t want to be told what to do on health care,” Ingraham said.


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