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I read with some dismay recently the remarks of Judge Guido Calabresi. After reading the article, I was wondering how much he was relying on academic arguments that have to do with the constitution and elections. I was honestly hoping that he didn’t have that much of a political motivation to make the case that Bush was like Hitler in how he came to power.

Then I was reading on an article having to do with the graduation of Bush’s daughter at yale and filmmaker Ken Burns commencement address given that day. Article is from 5/23/04

What struck me was the description of the people who were protesting Bush’s low profile visit to his daughters graduation and subsequent private party. This is direct from the article and the important part is highlighted.

About 50 protesters gathered at Levin’s home Sunday afternoon. They denounced the president and the war in Iraq, while holding signs saying “Uproot Bush” and “Resist This Endless War.”

The crowd was a mix of students and older Yale graduates.

Anne Tyler Calabresi, 69, of Woodbridge, said she was protesting on behalf of herself and her husband, 2nd Circuit Judge Guido Calabresi, a Yale graduate and former dean of the Yale School of Law.

“I’m profoundly worried about the way this country is going,” she said. “And I’m furious about the lies George Bush has told to us again and again. He has led us into a war that is destroying our reputation around the world and creating implacable enemies around the world that we didn’t have one year ago.”

Please mention this if you can. It would shed some more light on why this guy made such an outlandish comparison to begin with.


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