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K-Lo, CNN and others will say they didn’t get the story from the Enquirer. Rather, they were tipped, and then called Palm Beach County to confirm. Once they confirmed, it was fair game. But if you were reading from the Carville manual (as media outlets did), you would begin with the Enquirer and trash the outlets confirming the story as practicing the politics of personal destruction in the private life of someone who in this case holds no elective office. You would wonder who is peddling this trash for cash or political gain. Media outlets regularly used the Enquirer in the O.J. Simpson case (and Enquirer accounts were surprisingly journalistic at that point). But you can also note that these supermarket tabs have been quick to notice and run pictures of plastered Chelsea Clinton, and you haven’t seen that on CNN.

Tim GrahamTim Graham is Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center, where he began in 1989, and has served there with the exception of 2001 and 2002, when served ...


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