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Inquiring Minds Want to Know . . .

The notion that there are important things to learn about the start of the Russia investigation is picking up support from people who aren’t exactly flaming Trump supporters.

Our friend and colleague Ross Douthat wrote this excellent column from over the weekend.

And here is a passage from Jack Goldsmith — in a much broader take on the AG’s handling of all this — on Barr investigating the investigation:

This is in theory an appropriate thing for the Justice Department to do, for two reasons. First, while there is plenty of prima facie evidence of potentially untoward Trump campaign-Russia contacts, there is also plenty of prima facie evidence of potentially untoward intelligence agency activity in connection with its investigation of the Trump campaign and presidency. For example: the horrible animus displayed in texts by Peter Strzok toward the president and his supporters while investigating his campaign; the truly unprecedented and terribly damaging leaks of U.S. person information collected via FISA or E.O. 12,333; and the at least questionable FBI decision, after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, to investigate the President as a counterintelligence threat premised on the judgment that he was a “threat to national security.”


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