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The new issue of National Review is quite terrific – one man’s opinion, but surely one you will share. It is a concentrated look — via a dozen powerful articles and essays — at the men and women who bring home the bacon across these fruited plains, and the difficulties and opportunities that face them. Rich Lowry’s succinct introduction to the entire shebang is worth reading:

Among the dozen gems published (surrounded, of course, by “The Week” and the excellent reviews and columns in “Books, Arts & Manners”) are Robert VerBruggen’s article “The Trump Economy,” in which he confirms that there’s plenty of credit for POTUS to take (read it here), Mathew Continetti’s dissection of the “Universal Basic Income” as an attack on the dignity of work (read “Idleness Is Lonely” here), Robert Cherry’s article on the battle between college degrees and occupational training (read it here), an essay by the trio of David Lapp, Amber Lapp, and W. Bradford Wilcox on the nexus between economic instability and the assault on the “marriage ecosystem” (read it here), and the special issue’s kick-off piece by Charles Cooke on how the fulfillment of the American Dream does not necessarily run through the campus Ivory Tower — you can read it here.

A reminder to all: Right this nanosecond, right here on NRO, you can read all the articles published in the magazine. You don’t have NRPLUS membership? Well, then you can read only up to four, and after that, nada. You can‘t deny yourself the wisdom on NR The Magazine when everything contained in each and every issue is to be had — instantly — and enjoyed. Break through the wall with a subscription to NRPLUS. Get yours here.

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