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Inside the August 24, 2020, Issue of National Review

The August 24, 2020 issue of National Review is printed and in the mail, but of more immediate importance, it is also available right now, here on NRO. The great news: Anyone who has an NRPLUS membership will avoid the paywall (the limit: three monthly freebies) and read in toto the entire issue. That’s something you will most definitely want to do, given its powerful contents. Such as: Kevin Williamson’s cover essay profile of the endurance of Karl Marx, Andrew McCarthy’s informed analysis of William Barr’s performance as attorney general, Brian Garner’s new grammar column on “nonwords” (he ain’t a fan), Jay Nordlinger’s profile of the late Polish conductor, Krzysztof Penderecki, and, with another SCOTUS term in the rear-view mirror, the joint take by Carrie Severino and Frank Scaturro on how the conservative legal movement is faring.

Oh yes, this too: With polls showing him trailing in most states and on all issues, you’ll want to read the Rich Lowry / Ramesh Ponnuru troubling critique of Donald Trump’s reelection chances. Why at this point you wouldn’t have an NRPLUS membership may befuddle some, but we are firm believers in it being better late than never. Subscribe here.


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