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Inside the December 9, 2019, Issue

Let’s get straight to it: You will want to read Madeleine Kearns’s very special report in the new issue of National Review. It’s an in-depth investigation into the case of James Younger, a seven-year-old Texas boy being victimized by experimental transgender ideology/madness, and the widespread abuse of children under the guise of gender affirmation.

It’s powerful stuff (don’t be surprised if Maddy’s piece shakes things up) as is plenty else in the issue, such as Andrew McCarthy’s essay driving home the point that impeachment is a political process, campaign expert Luke Thompson’s look at the intra-Democrat presidential-primary competition between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders — the latter of whom, says Luke, has a better chance in the general election — and Alvin Felzenberg’s important review of a provocative and slanted new book, The Fire Is upon Us: James Baldwin, William F. Buckley Jr., and the Debate over Race in America. If you are a WFB fan (and who isn’t?) this is a mandatory read. These pieces are just some of the exceptional material in this issue, available immediately (the mailman won’t be delivering the print copy for days!) on your favorite conservative website.

By now you should know the drill: If you would only subscribe to NRPLUS, you would be able to read these fine pieces NOW. Trust us: It’s so intoxicating an experience that you’re going to want to share it with others, and since Christmas is approaching . . . how about giving those certain special someones that NRPLUS thrill?! Do that by giving them the gift of NR.


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