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Inside the February 22, 2021, Issue of National Review

The presses, still hot to the touch, have printed the latest issue of NR, heading towards those who enjoy their conservatism in ink and paper. But the February 22, 2021, issue is also immediately available — this very moment — to NRPLUS members (more on that below). Right now, if you were to ask — would you recommend four or five pieces in the new edition? — we’d answer of course. And since all the content is great, we’d recommend randomly. Well, not so at random, because it’s only fair to highlight the cover essay, written by Charles C. W. Cooke, on America’s “Illiberal Moment,” which argues that the necessary virtues of humility, tolerance, and forbearance are declining. Elsewhere in the issue, Ryan Streeter investigates the rise of anti-progressivism within certain urban communities, Ramesh Ponnuru examines the zig-zag utterances of Anthony Fauci (and how much slack he may need to be cut), Shawn Regan assesses the harm that will result from Joe Biden’s oil- and gas-leasing ban, and Joseph Epstein offers an exceptional essay on the death of humor (it’s no laughing matter). We’d recommend more, but there are limits to the content one can access . . .

Okay, one more: David Harsanyi knocks New York governor Andrew Cuomo (and his colossal ego) off his pedestal.

And now, to keep our promise about NRPLUS: If you’re not a member, you should be. Membership entitles you to many benefits, the key ones being instant access to all magazine content (including the archives), no paywall obstructing you from primo articles, and a heck of a lot fewer ads clogging up your screen. Get complete information, and become a paywall-avoiding member, right here.


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