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Inside the February 8, 2021, Issue of National Review

In our 65th year and now 13th presidency, your favorite conservative magazine continues to produce powerful content that ranges from the humorous to the controversial — the new February 8, 2021, issue (available immediately to NRPLUS members) proves no exception. As is the custom, we use this space and opportunity to randomly suggest some articles that will most surely deserve your attention. There is of course the editorial, “This We Believe,” that commences on the front cover. Between it and its back brother, here are four pieces: Charles C. W. Cooke’s thoughts on the speech problems posed by a canceling Twitter, Avik Roy’s reflection on how 19th-century liberals may have provided 21st-century conservatives with a template, Robert Kaplan’s essay on how social media and political extremes help put America at greater risk to Red China, and from the Books, Arts & Manners section, Gerald Russello’s review of Edmund Fawcett’s new book, Conservatism: The Fight for a Tradition.

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